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Run Thin@ Java client

Thin@ 3.32

Professional Smart Client Solution for Clarion which transforms Clarion applications into SaaS Business Internet Applications.
New version: October, 5 2017 Thin@ 3.32 released! Release notes

Run Thin@ Java client

GUI manager & resizer 1.1

Imagine a thousand windows of a Clarion application that you need to manually adjust to new resolutions and screen sizes!
Convert all that work into time needed! It is a tedious word that takes too much precious time, is it not? This is why we have developed a window resizer with a special algorithm which automatically adjusts the window size to screen resolution, as a designer would do
New version: October, 5 2017 GUIManager 1.1 released introducing window shrinking feature!.

THIN@ Solution is Switching Over to A Subscription Model!

As of January 20th 2016, license for Thin@ Solution will be available through a new
subscription model. The biggest news for the users is that a buyer of a yearly
subscription becomes licensed for the use of Thin@ on an unlimited number of
over during subscription validity period (previously, a new license needed to be
purchased for each new server).

During the subscription period users will be entitled to upgrades as well as user support.
Upon expiry of the subscription, existing licenses will remain valid but users will not be
able to install to new servers and download and install upgrades.

Existing users will be able to download new versions of Thin@ until June 1st 2016.
During the past three years, Thin@ Solution has become a popular tool in the Clarion
community, recognized by its users as a professional Smart Client solution which easily
and quickly transforms Clarion applications into SaaS Business Internet Applications.
Through its new subscription model, Thin@ is now becoming more available to smaller organizations.

Thin@ vs MS Remote Desktop Services (TS) 2008 Benchmark

We have measured Thin@ system performance and compared it to MS Remote Desktop Services 2008 (TS) system performance. Download the test results in a form of a PowerPoint presentation.

You can also download the original benchmark results that can be previewed interactively with the MMC Performance Monitor ActiveX. There are many more counters available, including page file use, disk I/O etc. To use it, unpack the archive to your C:\ folder and open the HTML file in Internet Explorer. You can then add/remove counters as you prefer.

News archive

If you want to read older news, visit our news archive.

Six reasons to join the Thin@ community

1. Do you feel overwhelmed by new technologies? We have a solution. Don't waste time rewriting your applications in other programming languages.
2. Host your applications and make them available on the intranet/ internet 24/7.
3. Run your applications using different presentation layers and on various OS platforms


4. Gain robust system security through native 3-tier technology: database, application and presentation layer.
5. Bring your business to a new level in a matter of days and never lose business deals again because of your "unortodox technology"
6. Offer your Software as a Service and reduce the initial costs of your application(s) so that you attract more customers