ThiN@ system model Figure 2 Figure1 Recommendation

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Thin@ components

Thin@ server-side components and their functions
  - recieves client request
- sends information to the client
- sends server address and port information
- starts the application
- retrieves the status from the main server
  - monitors all the applications and kills the inactive ones
- sends information to the main server
  - resides only on the main server
- recieves information from the monitor
- sends information to the listener
- sends request to be killed (either from client or net setup administration tool)
Net setup administration
  - update and overview of the main server options
- managment (including connection kill) of server connections
  Thin@ Client functions
  - retrieves a list of available programs from the listener on the load balancing server
- sends a request to start the program to the listener
- recieves the request and connects to an available address
- draws the windows
- performs all the operations needed for window drawing
- sends kill requests for server processes