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Thin@ CIDC 2011 Overview

Thin@ representatives (consisting of Marko Golem, Daniel Pavlic, Sanja Candrlic and Sanja Francetic) participated at the Clarion International Developer Conference 2011 in Orlando. This is a conference overview prepared by the Thin@ representatives.

If you're looking for official information about the conference visit the CIDC2011 official webpage. For all ClarionMag subscribers, there is also a conference summary available on ClarionMag.


The Rosen Centre Hotel is specialized in providing everything required to organize a conference! It is situated in the "conference area" nearby a large conference facility which is visible through the hotel window.

WindowSceneryHotel window scenery

The weather during the conference was nice and sunny, with very high temperatures throughout the day. The conference hall is located near the outdoor pool area so people were able to take some sun and relax, and also use the pool if they wanted.

HotelPoolHotel outdoor pool

Arnold Young, the guy wearing the Aloha Shirt and conference co-organizer greeted us with a very warm welcome.

ArnoldYoungArnold Young - conference co-organizer (photo taken later during the conference)

The conference started with a Sunday evening reception where people had a chance to grab some food and mingle. There was also an offical announcement of 3rd Party Vendor prizes where Marko Golem (Thin@ RIS) explained the giveway procedure for two Asus Eee PC notebooks. Later during our presentations these two notebooks were given to two lucky attendees.

Notebook giveaway 1Marko Golem explaining the notebook giveaway procedure (photo provided as a courtesy of ClarionMagazine)

After the reception, the organizers and presenters departed to a secret meeting. On a photo that was taken during the meeting you can see (from left to right): Pierre Tremblay (Softvelocity), Dave Harms (ClarionMag), Robert Zaunere (Softvelocity), Rob de Jager (Capesoft), Diego Borojovich (Softvelocity), Bruce Johnson (Capesoft), Mike Hanson (BoxSoft), Mark Goldberg (Monolith Custom Computing, Inc.), Shawn Mason (I.S. Software Design Associates), Andy Wilton (Noyantis), Geoff Thompson (Capesoft), Rick Martin (Upper Park Solutions), John Hickey (POSitive Software Company), Marko Golem (RIS), Arnold Young (Nice Touch Solutions, Inc.), Daniel Pavlic (RIS).

Conference OrganizersConference organizers and presenters at a secret meeting (photo provided as a courtesy of ClarionMagazine)

Day 1-2: Solutions Room and Thin@ Vendor Tables

Next to the conference hall there was a large hall which was called Solutions Room. Vendor tables were spread around the room in a rectangular formation. In the central part of the room there were tables marked with a paper note (which designated its intended purpose, e.g. to discuss Thin@, IP Driver, Clarion.NET etc). Note that in the photo the Solution Room looks empty, but that's just because most people were attending a presentation. This would look much different if taken during a lunch break!

SolutionsRoom3rd Party Solutions Room

Since the first Thin@ presentation was to be held on Day 3, the first two days were an excellent opportunity for everyone interested to ask us questions, install and set up their own Thin@ Server environment, try to transition their applications to Thin@ etc.

For example, Chris Laurie had specific issues while transitioning his application to Thin@ - he was trying to destroy and create controls on other (threaded) windows on the fly - which was currently not supported in Thin@.

To solve these problems, Chris was trying to convince Marko to work faster on these issues, as you can see on this photo.

Marko&ChrisMarko Golem and Chris Laurie

The issue was solved during the conference, allowing Chris to bring back home a working Thin@ application.

Day 3: Thin@ Presentation - "Comparing Terminal Services 2008 and Thin@"

On our 1st conference presentation (available to all CIDC attendees) we demonstrated Terminal Services 2008 vs Thin@ performance benchmark results. Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Our intention was to make a live demonstration of the benchmark procedure, but due to time restrictions we were not able to do so.

Thin@1stPresentationThin@ 1st presentation introduced by Dave Harms from ClarionMag

You can click here to download the benchmark results there were demonstrated at the CIDC. To previewed them interactively (with the MMC Performance Monitor ActiveX) unpack the downloaded archive to your C:\ root folder and open the HTML file in Internet Explorer. You can then add/remove counters as you prefer.

The benchmarking tools that we used to measure TS2008 and Thin@ performance will also be available for download soon.

Thin@2ndPresentationPresenting Terminal Services 2008 vs Thin@ benchmark test results

After the presentation there was a lot movement around the Thin@ tables as more and more people were coming to ask various questions. Among them there was also Merle Windler who won Thin@ as a prize on last year's DevCon in Denver, but did not attempt to use it since. You can watch a short video clip of his reaction after actually trying to use Thin@ with one of his applications.

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Adobe Flash Player by downloading here.

Merle Windler, a Thin@ customer: "It works!"

Day 4: Thin@ 1st Workshop Presentation: Discover the Power of Thin@

Day 4 was the first workshop day where people had the opportunity to discover the power of Thin@, which was also the name of our presentation. Marko Golem demonstrated how to install and configure a Thin@ Server and how to connect to a Thin@ application. Then he went through various options in Thin@ NetSetup Server Configuration Utility and explained the use of each parameter.

Ed Rybicki (ERC Computing Services, LLC) talked about his applications running on Thin@ and made one of them publicly available so that people were able to use it wirelessly through a Thin@ Client.

Daniel Pavlic provided help to people in the room who had issues with their server configuration.

Thin@2ndPresentationInstalling Thin@ Server

1st Asus Eee PC notebook giveaway

At the end of the presentation an Asus Eee PC notebook was to be given to a random audence member. The lucky winner of the first notebook was Ron Cookson.

After the presentation a lot of people continued to work on their application in an attempt to transition them to Thin@. An increasingly popular trend was to put their laptop (with the application) on our table, which we later found to be a very good idea and encouraged people to do so!

Marko Golem thinkingMarko Golem, Thin@

Day 5: Morning before the 2nd Thin@ Presentation

In the morning we heard rumours that one of our customers had been camping at the Thin@ Vendor Tables from 7AM, and none of us were there to help him! Since we do believe in the first-come-first-served paradigm, we did our best to accompensate for the time he spent waiting. Indeed, after a few tweaks to his application it worked with Thin@ and the customer was satisfied.

The rest of the morning hours proceeded as usual, people coming, asking questions, bringing their laptops etc. Our second workshop presentation was scheduled for later afternoon.

Thin@ Tables 1Thin@ vendor tables

Allen Patrick, who managed to transition his application to Thin@ the day before, had an extremely interesting idea: "I have here a Linux and a Mac computer, so I can run my app on them through the Thin@ Java Client, right?" Although the Java Client is still in beta(2), it's almost production-ready and we though that it might actually work. So we spent some time before the presentation testing the idea.

Thin@ Tables 3 Allen Patrick testing his application on Linux and Mac, hmm this looks interesting

There were some minor issues but nothing show-stopping so we decided to present it! Allen was at first reluctant to come up to the stage (and wanted just to borrow us his laptops) but after encouragements from the small crowd that formed around he decided that he would do it!

Thin@ Tables 2Daniel Pavlic testing the Java Client

Thin@ 2nd Workshop Presentation: Become a Thin@ Professional

This was the second Thin@ prize give-away presentation, meaning that someone among the people in the room was going to receive a notebook. Arnold Young had some very helpful suggestions on how to perform the drawing and provided us a random-name-generation application which we used for this purpose.

Arnold&Daniel&AllenDaniel & Allen preparing for the presentation

One of the key moments of the presentation is captured on the photo below, where more than half of the attendees raised their hands to answer Daniel's question: "Who managed to get their apps running on Thin@?" Thanks to Marko's presentation the day before and the shared effort in the Solutions Room a lot people actually managed to make it working in just one day!

(If you are not among them and you have tried, it is not your fault - many applications are just too big, too complex to be able to convert them in a single day. But if you did not try then you should click here to download Thin@ right now and try)

Thin@3rdPresentationQuestion: "Who managed to get their apps running on Thin@?"

The second presentation focused on various aspects and features of Thin@ not discussed during the first presentation, such as using this website and forums, using the Java Client, using the C8 IDE Thin@ addin, running the app directly and skipping the NetClient, using SaaS calculations, etc. In the end there were a lot of questions, mostly related to using external devices such as printers and scanners with Thin@.

2nd Asus Eee PC notebook giveaway

By the end of the presentation the second Asus Eee PC notebook was given to a random audence member. This time the lucky winner was Jason Searleman.

After the presentation, one of the attendees brought a hand-held scanner to our tables. We installed the drivers for it, ran a Thin@ application (hosted from a server in Croatia), scanned a document from the application and uploaded the scanned document to the application database. We did not expect any issues and there were none.

Day 6: Workshops & Ideas

Day 6, Saturday, was the last day of the conference. We had the opportunity to talk to a lot of interesting people, one of them being Hansruedi Wicki, a friend of Clarion for a long time and Clarion reseller for Switzerland and Northern Europe. He told us about the "Golden Days" of Clarion when there were conferences all around Europe. He also told us that now more and more people are leaving Clarion for other programming languages, but we told him that this might change when they hear about Thin@. He agreed.

Arnold&HansArnold Young & Hansruedi Wicki

One of the most interesting conversations going around was between Mark Goldberg, Rick Martin and Marko Golem discussing how to deal with some complicated stuff in Clarion. An interesting idea they talked about is making a global application hook procedure, e.g. a SYSTEM{prop:WindowEventHook} procedure. It could be used to, for example, log every event in a Clarion application globally, and would also greatly benefit a Thin@ application.

MarkoRickMarkMarko Golem, Mark Goldberg and Rick Martin discussing Clarion


The CIDC2011 in Orlando went great for Thin@. We were especially pleased with getting a lot of positive reactions from people who were satisfied with the product. We'd like to thank the organizers - especially Arnold Young and John Hickey from ClarionLive! and Softvelocity, Inc., as well everybody else who contributed to the conference.

Special thanks to everybody who brought their applications and transitioned them to Thin@. It was a privilege to see so many different application running through a thin client!

BrianRocheBrian Roche, a Thin@ customer

Special thanks also to all the people we had met and had the opportunity to talk to, including (in no special order) Ed Rybicki, Allen Patrick, Paul Mainstone, Brian Roche, Flint Gatrell, Chris Laurie, Robert Zaunere, Diego Borojovich, Sukhendu Barua, Sunny Sydney, Dave Moyer, Joe Tailleur, Manos Habakis, Mark Segnari, Andy Wilton, Bruce Johnson, Jean-Pierre Gutsatz, Mark Goldberg, Marty Berliner, Merle Windler, Michael Gorman, Scott Warren, Tomi Laamanen, Tony York, Urayoan Miranda, Hansruedi Wicki, Wolfgang Kirsch, Brad Tomlin, Chris Kloss, Robert Kolanko and many more.